About Us

Multi Feeds has been designed to focus solely on helping businesses improve the quality of data they send to various marketing channels. With the ever increasing competition businesses have to ensure that they give their products and offers the best chance to convert into sales and enquiries. To do this it is absolutely crucial that the data they supply is highly optimised and with our easy to use interface our clients can achieve this easily. The better your product data feed, the better your online visibility and, in turn, the better your performance.

With just a few clicks our clients can create data feeds that can be used on multiple marketing channels including Google Shopping, Amazon, eBay, Price Comparison Sites, Affiliate Networks and much much more.

Having managed e-commerce campaigns for over 15 years, Multi Feeds have learnt the key factors required to provide a platform that is easy to use, crucial to clients and gives clients a leading edge over other competitors.

Our platform covers all marketing channels and bespoke data feeds can be created easily whilst clients can launch in every country they require so get in contact today and take the next step in data feed optimisation and campaign success.